Box Types

T-Style Slipcase

T-Cases are a derivative of the standard slipcases. They are used for slipcases where the widths are less than 3-7/8".

2 Piece Slipcase

2-Piece Slipcases are another derivative of the standard slipcase. They are typically used for book sets and such where the required depth of the slipcase is beyond 8-1/4".

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Book Style Box

A tray and a Bookcover are combined to create this type of packaging.

Chase Book Box.JPG

Uniboxes, also called clam shell boxes, function like an actual clam shell. The lid is hinged to the base with a spine panel that is created with crease scores or a routing operation.

2 Piece Setup Box

Standard Trays are basic 4-walled rigid cartons with a bottom panel. This is the most common rigid package that is offered.

3 Piece Setup Box - PEDESTAL BOX

The Pedestal Box is a two-piece construction that allows the product to be displayed and held securely on a platform for merchandising at retail, and provide a dramatic presentation when opened.

Drawer Box

The Drawer Box is made up of two components: a sleeve and a drawer. Being held together through friction, the drawer should pull forward in one smooth motion to reveal the product inside.

Ribbon-Less Drawer Box

Sometimes a ribbon pull just won't do. This packaging design features a cutaway tab on the sleeve, eliminating the need for a ribbon and providing a slightly more masculine feel. Its streamlined profile is a perfect solution for minimalist packaging design.


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